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Samberisi Autotrasporti is a solid reality in the heart of Emilia, an efficient and reliable reference point in an area of strong economic development.
Founded in 1983 by the will of the brothers Nicolò and Paride has evolved and structured together with customers' needs, that are asking for faster and more competitive transportation systems, with a richest range of services.

Today Samberisi Autotrasporti has both the experience of the founders and the innovative strength of the second generation, together with a valid group of employees; the result is a qualified staff, specialized in the various sectors, that can effectively respond to any request.
The new location is close to the exit Carpi not far from the junction of the highway A1/A22-Modena-Brennero.

Carico e scarico
With an area of 2000 square meters and a yard that can accommodate trucks and lorries, there is also a platform with eight entrances in order to guarantee the maximum flexibility of use and security. Samberisi Autotrasporti can also offer a loading and unloading service with the aid of hydraulic side loaders.

Services all over the country, collecting and direct distribution in the provinces of Modena, Reggio Emilia and Bologna with excellent delivery times as well as real-time information on the position of individual deliveries, are the reasons why rely on Samberisi Autotrasporti.

A modern and efficient fleet of trucks and road trains makes Samberisi Autotrasporti more than a shipper, it makes Samberisi Autotrasporti a partner in your goods delivery.

Monitored by CCTV cameras, equipped with forklifts, electric pallet trucks and scanners, the company offers modern offices managed by an advanced computer system.

Consulenze e preventivi
Samberisi Autotrasporti offers you its experience and offers advice and quotes for exclusive, continuative and special transport.